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How do you access the library? Windy Hill's collection of books, articles, and multimedia files are in a secure, virus protected account available only site members. 

Email this site via its "Contact Page" and request the "Windy Hill link" if you wish to join,  and we will reply to your email with a link that gives you access to the library  You can keep the link as long as you like or delete it at any time.

Welcome!  Windy Hill is a free online library containing tens of thousands of files on topics in such knowledge fields as the sciences, the arts, technology, literature, history, economics, politics, psychology, religion, and much more. 

You may read these files online or download them to add to your personal digital library.  New files are also added to the Windy Hill library every month.  

Dr. Vines has been a teacher of ESL, TESOL, composition, literature, and journalism for more than twenty years.

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Joe E. Vines, Ph.D, Site Manager

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This week's ESL quiz:

Two of the following sentences are INCORRECT.  Can you find them?

Both Bob and Jane are lawyers.

Neither Bob nor Jane is a hockey fan.

Bob lives in Denver, Jane lives in St. Louis.

Each lawyer studied hard before becoming successful.

Bob and Jane like to playing tennis.

(The answers can be found on the Contact Us page of this site.)

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