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This site is primarily an online library featuring tens of thousands of articles on a wide variety of both classical and "high interest" topics.  Access and use of the library is free.  Sample topics:

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The English Center.                                   

Dr. Vines has 25 years of experience as a teacher, tutor, and college program director in ESL, TESOL, composition, literature, and journalism.

The Milkmaid

The Lacemaker

Profile of the Week: Rodrigo y Gabriela

 How to access the library.

Please send The Windy Hill Project a site mail from the Contact Us page.  We will send you a reply email that contains the link necessary to access all of the library's topics and contents.  (It may be a few minutes or a few hours depending upon circumstances!)  The library's contents are stored in a Dropbox account.  The link you receive will allow you to read and even download books, articles, links to other sites, photos, etc.  There is no cost to you, but a small donation in support of this site is appreciated if you choose to do so.

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Self Awareness, Well Being

Survival Skills

The Center is a special resource for writers and also learners of English as a Second Language (ESL).  Inexpensive services for writers (including students) include the following:



grammar tutoring

vocabulary skills

A trip to the English Center page will provide more details.