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This site is primarily an online library featuring tens of thousands of articles on a wide variety of "high interest" topics ranging from medical issues to history, science to educational resources, biography to literature, the fine arts to the martial arts. . . .  A quick browse through the Library Pages (see menu above) will give you a good idea of just some of the more popular subject areas.  Even better, you can contact the site via the Contact page and suggest new topics if you wish!  The Windy Hill Project is always eager to expand.

Gaining access to the library is easy.  The site's collection--books, video links, photos and paintings, pages of links to other great sites, etc.--are stored in the Cloud in a secure Dropbox account that is managed by this site's owner.  For security reasons, only the owner can add to the library or alter its contents. 

If you wish to gain access to the library after browsing its online pages, please send us a site mail.  We will reply with a link that will allow you to access the library at any time and as often as you wish.  You can part ways with the library whenever you wish by simply deleting the link.

The Center is a resource for writers and also learners of English as a Second Language (ESL).  Services for writers (including students) include proofreading and copy editing.  Students of English will find our individualized tutoring in grammar and vocabulary to be helpful.  A trip to the English Center page (see menu above) will provide more details.

Proofreading and corrections @ $1.00 per page.

Tutoring in grammar and vocabulary @ $5.00 per week.

The English Center.

Joe E. Vines, Ph.D.

   Site Manager

Biography of the Week: Marlon Brando


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