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Dr. Vines has 25 years of experience as a teacher, tutor, and college program director in ESL, TESOL, composition, literature, and journalism.

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This site serves two functions.  First, it is a free online library featuring thousands of Books, articles, pictures, video links, etc., on a wide variety of both classical and popular topics.  Access to the library is free.  Sample topics:

Windy Hill's other function is The English Center This is a special resource for writers, students, ESL students, parents of students, busy professionals. . . or anyone else who needs help with writing projects! 

Typical services offered by The Center:

Grammar Instruction

Proofreading & Editing

Vocabulary Improvement

Writing and Grammar Tutoring


Welcome to Windy Hill. . . .

Access to Windy Hill's free library is easy--just email us from the Contact Us page and ask us for the internet link to our online archive .  Windy Hill's thousands of books, photos, videos, articles, and other items will then be available to you for as long as you choose.  You can "leave" the site simply by deleting the link whenever you choose.

Please go to the English Center page of this site for further information.  Pricing is competitive and affordable, and personalized project prices are negotiable.

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